Thursday, November 22, 2012

mahalo 2012

i love how thanksgiving brings so many positive thoughts of gratitude. and i, for one, have much to be grateful for. this year has been full of blessings. here are some of the things i am more grateful for.

1. my men. all 4 of them. without whom my life would not be complete.
2. the opportunity to live on maui. dream come true.
3. my parents. their love & service has no bounds. they set the best examples for me & my posse.
4. the beach. it is my place of peace.
5. year around tempatures in the 80's. i loathe being cold.
6. bbq. it is my favorite food. delicious and so easy.
7. quality sunglasses & sunscreen. the sun can be brutal.
8. email, social media, & cell phones. keeping connected with loved ones made easy.
9. postal services. goods on a remote island can be scarce. shipping is a must.
10. more than anything. i am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who constantly has my back. what more do i need to say? without Him i am nothing. because of Him i have everything. a few weeks ago coop & i were at some local shops. i was about 15' from him looking at a sales rack while he was watching fish in a pond. suddenly, a very thick & large branch snapped off a tree & fell approximately 12' to the ground. according to reports from others who watched the event cooper barely moved right before the branch fell so that the branch missed cooper's fragile head by a hair. had this branch have hit him the result would have been tragic. i asked cooper what happened. he told me that his brain told him to find mommy so he turned to look for me. and because he made that little movement his little body was spared. i know that the Lord planted that thought into cooper's head. He knew just what to say to inspire cooper to move just out of the way just in time. i know that He was watching us & He was protecting us. and for that, i am eternally grateful.

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