Tuesday, November 20, 2012

5 months

we have come to know mylo as "mighty". a nickname his thick thighs & endless rolls have rightfully earned. mylo loves eating, which was made apparent when he weighed in at 20 pounds last week. he also adores watching his big brothers. he laughs as they wildly run around. he can roll over, but doesn't really care to. in fact, he doesn't care to do much that exerts too much energy. like todd says, you don't get that big by moving around. in fact, the sweet little boo sleeps for 11 hours solid now. he is a dream come true. we did absolutely nothing to sleep train him. he's just that lazy. he loves chewing on anything & everything. he especially enjoys making out with his sophie-girl (sophie the giraffe). he keeps trying to suck his thumb. but i am not about to let that happen. he still has his nightly fits but since they are consistant & predictable they are pretty easy to work combat with plenty of snuggling, walks, & a tub. he is the sweetest baby i know. he loves everyone & shines his bright smile at anyone who will give him the slightist bit of attention. mylo the mighty we love you.

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  1. How in the world do you carry around a 20lb-er!!!!!!???????!!! He is so cute! Ruth is 9.5 and almost weighs 18 (she seems to be getting skinnier with all her moving about now). He is so fantastic, Sara! So happy for you guys!

    I love the "he's just that lazy." hahahahahha