Thursday, November 1, 2012

trick-ah-treat 2012

let me begin by saying, halloween is so not my thing. (to me it signifies the end of summer & i love summer.) but i celebrate it for my wee ones-the things a mother does to see a smile. maui takes halloween seriously. very seriously. just about every community center has some sort of halloween event, nearly every store hands out goodies, & just about every person, child & adult alike, dresses in full costume. all halloween week long. so we had a very full halloween celebration: pumpkin patch, 4 trick-or-treats, a family fun festival, keiki costume parade, pumpkin painting, pumpking carving, plenty decor making, themed meals, & endless amounts of candy. the kids loved every moment. cooper insisted on making every halloween food & craft his little mind could think of. he picked out his & his brothers costumes (i was all for the ease-you know, since i'm still on vacation). t.j. loved every ounce of candy. he was scared of the "spooky" houses & refused to go to the doors until he saw the homeowners come out with a bowl full of candy. then he would run as fast as his little legs would take him yelling, "trick-or-treat". once the candy was securely in his bag he would do a little happy feet dance shout "thank you" & run back to the safety of mommy's hand. it was to die for. mylo was a true trooper. he went along with all the fuss with very little fuss. this was the best halloween i've had in a long time. mainly, because i got to enjoy the whole thing in perfect weather, in shorts, & never far from the beach.

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