Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 months

i must have blinked because somehow my little mylo transformed into a giant. this little boy is a hefty bundle of chunky love. there is nothing better than nibbling on a little mylo thigh. he is scrumptious. over the last few months mylo has aquired quite the array of nicknames: my, my love, mister my, mo, mighty mo, mylo j, m.j., & the ever popular yiyo (thanks to t.j.). he has grown to love coop & t just as much as they love him. he literally bursts with laughter watching his elder brothers play. it is precious. he is such a sweet happy baby. he loves any & all attention but he most enjoys chatting & being tickled. he slept for 8.5 hours solid last night (let's pray this becomes a regular thing). he is so chill. when he wakes he just plays in his crib until we come get him. no crying. well, until evening time rolls around & his daily fuss starts. but that is predictable & easy enough to work around. his eyes still haven't decided on a permanent color. they vary between blue, hazel, & gray. all in all, mylo is all we could hope for & more.

(isn't that smile to die for. just one or three reasons why my life rocks.)


  1. What a tan little man! Hawaii looks very good on him :) he is so handsome and looks like such a joy. I just prayed he would keep sleeping at night!!! Love, Anna

  2. Oh my gosh he is precious! And I am still obsessed with his name :)