Tuesday, October 9, 2012

time change

the hardest parts about living a world away from just about everyone i know is the time change. it makes keeping up with family & friends difficult. during the day i am usually in full mommy mode, which leaves little time for phone coversations. i always have one boy or another needing my attention. i am lucky if i can squeeze in any mandatory calls & an occassional chat with a loved one. my best opportunity for phone time is after i put the boys to bed & todd is at work. during these hours, i get bored & find myself in front of the computer &/or tv wishing i had someone to call. unfortunately, everyone i know is fast asleep. i have so many loved ones that i miss dearly & haven't been able to speak to since well before i arrived on this island. to all those folks, just know i am thinking about you. and if you ever happen to be awake & bored in the middle of the mainland night remember a phone call my way is always welcome. 

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