Saturday, October 6, 2012


saturdays are possibly my most favorite days. on saturdays todd works all day, literally, 10am-10pm. so the boys & i have all day to party. and party we do. the second daddy is out of site we start cheering because it's mommy/son date day! (i know this sounds mean, so let me clarify. we cherrish our time with todd. i think turning our days without him into a party makes it easier to cope with the fact that we won't see much of him.) we spend the entire day doing anything & everything our little hearts desire. i pack swim suits, snacks, and plenty of water. then we are off! the boys get most deciding power (i reserve the right to over rule when necessary). sometimes we stop by the beach, sometimes we visit the ocean center, sometimes we go on a little hike, occasionally we tour something historical or cultural, and we almost always make a trip to walmart (coop's choice. he still has $20 from his birthday & he loves buying a little something each week). every week we go to ululani's for our favorite shave ice. coop loves trying new floavors. so far our favorites are melona, coconut, watermelon, & passionfruit orange. we chat about anything & everything. cooper & i tend to talk about his latest curious questions, geography, animals, ninjago, power rangers, or the people we miss. most of my conversations with tj revolve around whichever form or transportation is currently on his mind. and mylo & i usually just smile & coo. we tend to wrap the day up with a movie, snuggling, & our favorite dessert (fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, & chocolate syrup. yum). i love these days. sometimes i pretend that i'm their babysitter & i don't have to enforce all the normal rules. i don't worry about whether they eat healthy quantities of nourishing food or if they put socks on or if they stay up late. saturdays are devoted to stress-free fun for all of us. the boys love being in charge of the day. and i love watching them & listening to to them. i am often (like 10 times a day) asked how i can do so much alone with 3 boys. honestly, my boys love getting out & burning energy. they are much happier on the go.

(i wish i had more pictures from our saturdays. my hands are a little full managing 3 boys so i often forget to use my camera.)

on a side note: sundays are basically the complete opposite. again, todd works all day so we are on our own. we start the day off with 3 hours of church. we tend to fit in a little beach time. occasionally, we go to the park. but for the most part we do very little. and believe it or not, the boys are much more difficult on these days.

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