Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 months

for real. what happened to my newborn? mylo has definitely hit the "waking up" phase. he is awake most of the day which we love. and he has decided to sleep through the night, all by himself, which we love even more. he typically goes down with his brothers at 8:30ish, i wake up to feed him before i go to sleep & he continues to sleep until 7ish. not bad at all. he has developed quite the personality. for the most part he is a rather chill little fellow. he tends to sit back, observe, & take life in. he loves his mama. way more than my other boys ever did. he lights up everytime he finds me. and my heart leaps everytime i see that precious little smile. he is ticklish & his laugh is addicting. he loves to eat. which was made apparent at his last doctor visit when he was measured in the 95th percentile for height & 97th for weight. he is a beast. and his poor little 3-6 month clothes are already pretty snug. he is a beautiful mix of t.j. & cooper. he has t.j.'s body shape, coloring, & head. he has cooper's eyes, nose, & mouth. his eyes are changing. for the past 2 weeks they have flunctuated between blue, green, brown, & gray. i am hoping they choose green as a permanent hue. he is growing used to his brothers love attacks. and luckily, they are learning to love a little more gently. mylo, you truly are our love.

(so much for consistant lighting. we move too much.)

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