Tuesday, September 18, 2012


a few weeks ago i turned 28. on my birthday i was contemplating how so many  ladies dread turning 30 & wish they could be frozen at 21 forever. i, on the otherhand, have no qualms with aging. i embrace my age & see no problem with the monumental & unavoidable day when i reach my 3rd decade. this may stem from being the youngest child. i look at my sisters who are 6, 8, & 9 years my senior & they are all so beautiful, youthful, energetic, & fun. nothing to fear. in my own experience i would have to say that 28 is so much better than 21. reasons why: i am more confident, more aware, more educated, less naive, more trusting, more self-reliant, more intune with myself, less judgemental, & less jealous; i no longer battle acne, insecurities, hormone imbalance, or fears of what others think; i am more physically fit (even after 3 children) & emotionally stable; i have a better idea of what matters & what does not. i am by no means perfect. i still struggle & have much room to grow. but i am on the right track. if i've managed to come this far in just 7 years, i cannot wait to see what the next 7 bring. so here's to growing, gaining, & aging!
me. 28. all natural. not gorgeous but not bad. and i'm cool with that.