Friday, July 27, 2012

modern muscle

want to know a little secret? i love muscle cars. a lot. i used to dream of owning a '67 camaro. i would paint in black with metallic maroon racing stripes. but my parents were to practical to go for that. they were afraid of my breaking down on some country road & being stranded helpless & hoho-less (i was a bit obsessed with the famous hostess dessert, still am). now i couldn't be happier that america's car makers are bringing back a bit of muscle. (props to chevy, ford, & dodge.) i now dream of owning a '13 dodge challenger in tungsten grey with white racing stripes. but now my husband is too practical. he says some nonsense about carseats & kids not fitting. it's all silliness if you ask me. of course the kids would gladly give up t.v.'s & comfort to cruise in this ride, right? i would. maybe one day my dreams will come true. can't you just imagine me behind the wheel of my dream, windows down & gnr streaming from my speakers.

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  1. I adore you. It is so funny but my company car when I was working was a Dodge Charger, black and awesome. It was hilariously great.

    Thank you for your encouragement and wisdom with marriage and babies. It is amazing to see you do it and to see your kids and your marriage thriving. You are a fantastic mother to three very handsome little men.
    Love, Anna