Sunday, July 29, 2012

coop's 5th

cooper's birthday bootcamp
we had coop's birthday party a little early (3 weeks), again this year (due to another long distance move). i desperately tried to talk him out of a party this year since i've been a little busy this month with a brand new baby & upcoming move. but that stubborn little boy didn't budge & i am so grateful for his persistance. in the end, this party was the least labor intensive party i have ever thrown & he still had the time of his life. he wanted an army guy/american flag party (his words, not mine). he invited his favorite people, picked the events, & decorated the cupcakes. i made all the bits & pieces. todd set up the obstacle course & led the party. it was perfect teamwork. the kids received deployment letters with the party information. then showed up at "fort watkins" for training. there was a rescue mission (they searched out & saved wounded army men), an obstacle course, tug of war, & capture the flag. after completing their training they reported to the mess hall for snacks. each child received an army bandana, medal, camo bag, compass, toy hummer, america stickers, & of course, army men. coop was so excited for his party that he woke up at 6:00am (he normally never rises before 8:30). i am grateful that despite my slackfulness this party met his expectations.

(excuse the terrible lighting. damn pergalo.)

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