Sunday, June 17, 2012

this man.

there are good dads, there are great dads, & then there is this guy. he sets a whole new standard for fathering. he poors his heart & soul into our boys. he takes care of all their needs, whether they be physical, emotional, mental, etc. he is more han just a dad, he is their best friend, their role model, their teacher, their coach, & their safety. their times together are full of fun. yet, he never shys away punishing or an opportunity to teach them. he is the only man i know who gets excited when his wife has ladies' nights so he can have dates with his kids (maybe i should take that personally?). whether they are hunting for crocodiles or picking up groceries at Costco he knows how to make every moment they spend together memorable. i am so grateful for him. happy father's day, todd.

(i feel bad because his father's day & his 29th birthday which is on our 3rd baby's due date are kind of taking a backseat this year. it's hard to make plans when you have no idea when you will be admitted to the hospital.  still he is nothing but grateful.)

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