Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 years...

(YCHS class of 2002 graduation. 6.6.02)

really? has it been 10 years? i can't believe it. it seems like just yesterday i was eating frozen hoho's & dr. pepper for breakfast in mrs. priddy's 1st period english class, cruising the streets of yuba city in my '97 mustang to the sweet sounds of aerosmith, & tormenting sonny at the local 7-eleven. i can't say i miss it. my high school years will always hold a fond place in my heart but they weren't the highlight of my life. oh, no. college was much better. and parenting puts them both to shame. i have had a busy 10 post-high-school years: earning a bachelor's degree, living in hawaii, living in utah, earning a master's, getting married, birthing & rearing 2 (3 any day now) children, amongst many smaller feats. had you have told me 10 years ago i would have accomplished so much i wouldn't have believed it (especially the almost 3 children part).

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