Wednesday, May 23, 2012

booming bump.

36 weeks: counting down.

my belly has officially popped (as if you couldn't tell). the countdown is on. t-minus 4 weeks until this little man makes his debut. i just cannot wait to meet the final piece to our family puzzle. i am so excited to get to know him. we have everything ready besides for the name. we have narrowed it down but still haven't made the final decision. it looks like we will be waiting until he arrives to decide (just like we did with our other 2). the last few weeks have been full of round ligament stretching. oh, the joys. other than that i am still feeling top notch. my boys keep me constantly on the go. so as much as i would love to curl up on the couch eating ice cream & watching arrested development reruns that just isn't feasible. lately, i have been craving ice cream covered in fresh peaches, cherries & chocolate chips. thank heavens for farmer's markets. mmmmmm.

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