Wednesday, March 21, 2012


coop loves playing baseball.  although, he doesn't have the same enthusiasm as he did for soccer.  his team is the padres & his coach is his daddy & his team mom is his mommy.  kind of a nice setup.  he was disappointed in the mascot, though.  he was hoping to be on the a's or giants.  i can't say i blame him.  we've had to re-teach him how to hit off a t so this is a bit of a step back.  the little athlete was hitting pitched balls consistantly before he turned 2.  but he doesn't mind.  he loves his teammates & games are the highlight of his week. 

**tj's little heart breaks at every single practice & game.  all he wants is to go out on the field & play with his brother & daddy.  poor little dear.


  1. Our little Luke totally knows how TJ feels! It's so tough on little brothers!

  2. Tell Cooper that major leaguers hit thousands of ball off of tees to hone their swing during the off season and during spring training