Tuesday, March 27, 2012


28 weeks:  the final stretch.

i am still getting used to the idea that i am in the final trimester of my final pregnancy.  i have so many mixed emotions.  i am utterly excited to meet my last little man but still slightly overwhelmed by the idea of having 3 darlings under my care.  up until now i have had as many children as i have eyes & hands.  we have had an equal ratio of wee ones to parents.  and let's be frank, i still have a baby in tow.  i'm not so sure how t.j. will adjust to being a big brother.  but i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am to pack up all my maternity clothes for the final time & say farewell.  this pregnancy is still remarkably easy.  i feel fantastic.  i am nothing but grateful for this little pea & how easy he has been on my body.  he must truly love his mommy.  this week i have been craving chocolate.

**note: that top photo was taken by non other than my dearest coop.  such talent!

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