Thursday, February 16, 2012


i hope you all enjoyed a lovely day of love, yesterday.  we did.  normally, i start the day strong with heart shaped french toast.  but considering that i was out until the wee hours of the morning with friends i just couldn't get muster up the energy to get a big breakfast made before cooper headed off to school at 8:15.  so our valentine's celebrations began a tad later than normal.  coop had a school valentine's party, he made superhero valentines for his friends. the boys had a playdate with two of their favorite gals, maddie & eden. we had a lovers lunch date at our favorite local burrito spot & our annual steak dinner at home.  it was perfect.  coop helped me make heart oreo cookies & t.j. assisted me in double dipping strawberries.  it was perfect.  i got presents for each of my men & in return they gave me my favorite gifts, chocolate & flowers.  i am so blessed to have 3 wonderful valentines.  the boys ended the night by snuggling up together & falling asleep, it was just about the cutest thing.

coop made todd, t.j., & i THE most heart melting valentine ever.  on the front it had a hand print picture of our family.  in the middle it said that he loves his family. and on the back he drew a map so we would never get lost from each other.  this boy is wild with a big heart.

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