Tuesday, February 21, 2012

to eat.

do you pin?  of course you do.  why am i even asking?  who doesn't pin?  my only problem with pinterest is that i find all these photos of scrumptious looking food that just doesn't taste as divine as it looks.  i wish these recipes came with ratings.  just because the food appeals to my eyes doesn't mean that it will appeal to my taste buds.  so for those of you who are looking for pinterest recipes that taste as good as they look then you are in the right place.  here are my fav food pins, thus far.


  1. I've been wanting to try some of those. We liked the frozen hot cocoa too! I've got to try the snickers.

  2. Hi Sara! first time here! this looks awesome- i will get right on it with trying some of these out. Mmmmm

  3. can't wait to try them....I am glad you posted the good ones, I am always wondering which ones actually taste as good as they look. you are so on top of things...crafting, cooking, and being a mommy to three (well almost). hope all is well.