Tuesday, November 8, 2011

oh my.

on my mind today:

1.  i never thought the day would come when i would catch my rough & tough son playing with my makeup.  at least he wasn't trying to beautify.  oh no, he was attempting to camoflauge his face so he could join the america's army.  yep, that's my little patriot.
2.  nothing is more funny that watching my almost one year old strain to touch the ceiling.  seriously, how does he even think that's possible?  it is absolutley hillarious to watch him stand on his tip toes & reach his hand as high as it will go (which is only about 1 inch above his big round head).  the best part: he grunts.  yea, he is working so hard that he seriously grunts during this attempt.  he doesn't give up even though he still has a good 9.5 feet to go.  that's my little go getter.
3.  photoshop is insane.  i don't think i'll ever get it.  sure, in an ideal world i would have plenty of time to sit down & sift through the countless informative tutorials out there.  but that just isn't the case.  i'm lucky to get 5 uninterrupted minutes in front of the computer (like right now, tj's drinking a bottle & coop is cleaning his room which allowed me the 3.5 minutes necessary to type this petite post.  yea i'm a fast typer.).  so i'll just have to stick to my current routine of randomly clicking buttons & hoping it has my desired effect on my photos.
4.  why isn't there a jason's deli in the bay area?  or anywhere in northern california for that matter.  do you have any idea how much happier i would be.  hmmmm, i wonder if they franchise...

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  1. If you ever get time and want to learn photoshop Lynda.com is seriously the best place to learn almost any computer program. I love it and there tutorials are broken up into sections so you can listen to them even if you only have 5 min.