Thursday, November 3, 2011

11 months

really.  where has the time gone?  i know that sounds so cliche, but it is exactly how i feel.  wasn't it just last month that i was sitting in the hospital swooning over tj's teeny newborn fingers.  now i'm staring at my giant 11 month old while he uses those same fingers to chuck every toy that comes within his reach.  it really dawned on me how much this my little t rex has aged when i went to put his 11 month photo in his 1 year frame & i realized that there is only one more photo spot left to fill.

this adventurous 11 month old never ceases to shock me.  he crawls everywhere; up stairs, down stairs, outside, up & down playgrounds & slides, over rocks & dirt.  but he has no desire to stretch his little legs & walk.  the moment i stand him up he immediately buckles his knees & goes straight to the floor.  he loves to know where everyone is.  he crawls around the house looking for each family member & isn't content until he has located every one of us.  he thinks his brother is the funniest thing. he loves balls & stuffed animals.  he has no interest in the tv.  he has every interest in tearing through every cupboard & closet in the house.  he loves cooper's soccer practices/games & gets very frustrated when i don't let him join in the soccer fun.  he knows what he wants & he is bound & determined to get it.  he is a stubborn little fellow.  my favorite thing about him:  his snaggle tooth smile.  the poor guy has 2 full teeth on the bottom & a 4 teeth on top that are all at different lengths.  his gerber grin is absolutely hilarious. 

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