Sunday, October 16, 2011


this was a big week in the watkins' home.  both boys surpassed some big milestones.

1.  cooper scored his first goal.  and promptly followed it with another score.
2.  t.j. learned to open the screen door.  he loves sneaking outside.  even at night.
3.  cooper scored 2 hole-in-ones at mini golf.
4.  t.j. slept through the night.  for the first time ever.  
5.  cooper mastered riding 2 wheels.  he tried his new big guy bike on tuesday.  he rode around our court.  then today he gave it another shot.  he rode 2.6 miles.
6.  cooper caught a starfish.

7.  t.j. smacked a boa constrictor in the head.  coop held a 4' foot boa constrictor. 

so needless-to-say, my sons rock.  good job boys, you make mama proud!

ps-this was also an exciting week for the lady of the house; my sewing machine finally arrived. i'm so ready to take my crafting to a whole new level.  

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  1. Super fun pictures of the boys with the snakes and YAY for sleeping through the night! What type of sewing machine did you get?