Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cooper's 4th

today my eldest son turned 4.  man, i feel old.  he is so grown.  he is so independant.  he is our little comedian/athlete/actor.  he is his daddy's best friend.  he loves his brother a lot-maybe, too much.  and he always remembers to pick his mommy flowers & tell her sweet things.  he has an amazing memory (he remembers detailed events from when he was 1.5).  he loves learning, explorying, & any kind of adventure.  he thinks about everything & asks the most complex questions, like, "mommy, why does the sun look big sometimes & sometimes it looks small?  and why does it look like a circle sometimes & sometimes it looks like a "c"?"  he loves to be tickled & he has the most infectious laugh.  he is very active & wild.  he is a stud at soccer.  daddy teaches him new techniques then he teaches his newly acquired skills to me.  he has a natural ability with all sports (i wonder where he gets that from).  he brings so much joy to our family.  we love him more than words can say.

today he woke up to balloons, a party hat, & a birthday banner (it's kind of my thing to make sure everyone in my family gets this every birthday).   he opted to open his presents first.  he loved his new transformer & iron man toys.  then he had a waffle & banana breakfast cut to look like a sun & umbrella.  next up, we are headed to see the new transformers movie, lunch at taco bells, cupcakes, & dinner from texas roadhouse.  cooper's favorite kind of day.

 here are a few things you should know about mr. cooper at age 4.

1.  cooper's best friend:  jameson (his cousin)
2.  cooper's name:  toopa j watins
3.  cooper prefers to go by:  coopy
4.  cooper's favorite animals:  squid, hipos, crocodiles, & sharks (he just couldn't narrow it down)
5.  what does cooper want to be when he grows up:  he refused to answer this question.  he said, "mommy, i just want to wait & see whens i get big."
6.  cooper's favorite movie: scooby doo
7.  cooper's favorite song: showdown-black eyed peas
7.  what makes cooper happy?  traveling to new places
8.  what makes cooper sad?  when brother cries
9.  cooper's favorite food:  steak & burritos
10.  cooper's favorite place:  the dollar store & texas roadhouse
11.  cooper's favorite color:  orange
11.  cooper's favorite game:  war (like with playing cards), mario kart on wii, & soccer
12.  cooper's #1 wish right now:  to go to chili, china, florida, & antarctica
12.  mommy's favorite cooper quotes of late:  "are you out of your mind?"  "you can't be serious!"  "this is the best day in EVER!"

**photo courtesy of the most amazing lacey c

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