Monday, August 15, 2011

apples & oranges

i've often heard people compare their children.  well, in my case, that just isn't possible.  how do you compare apples to oranges?  my boys are just about as different as two boys can possibly be.  and their difference aren't just skin deep.  cooper was an easy going baby who enjoyed a certain level of independence.  t.j. is a needy baby who loves to snuggle.  t.j. is dramatic, either really happy or really mad or really sad.  cooper is pretty chill.  you get the point.

i was reminded of their difference yesterday when t.j. said his 1st word (other than mama & dada). cooper's first word was "ba" (ball); that makes perfect sense since he is a wild, fast moving, athletic, busy boy.  t.j., on the other hand, chose "baba" (bottle/milk) as his 1st word.  again, this is perfectlly reasonable since his favorite thing to do is eat.  and eat.  he's no longer the little chub of our family (i attribute most of his weight loss to his recently aqcuired skill-crawling) but his appetite hasn't declined in the least.  he is especially happy now that his meals have true variety.  he loves chowing down on cantalope, honey dew, hamburger meat, noodles, watermelon, mango, eggs, just about anything i put in front of his adorable little face.

although, they are insanely unalike i appreciate their unique personalities.  i love cooper exactly as he is.  i love t.j. just the way he is.  the Lord sure knew what he was doing when he blessed me with these two wonderful little men.

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