Saturday, June 18, 2011

she's sew wonderful

i'm just going to be blunt.  my sister is amazing.  she is truly one of the greatest people i know. she is quick to help others & always puts her own needs behind the needs of others.  for example, we made a 7 week trip to utah so todd could finish his bachelor's degree.  she put us up in her {absolutely gorgeous} home with the highest hospitality you could imagine. she even pretended to be a dragon so that cooper could slay her day after day.
she rocks (even though she sometimes gets confused & places her chic-fil-et drive thru order at the trash can).  

besides her outside quality as a human being she is also one of the most talented women i know.  everything she does is perfect.  she sews just about everything.  and everything that she sews is lovely.  she cooks.  and everything that she cooks is delish.  she decorates.  and everything she designs is gorgeous.  she has this incredible knack for putting things together.  we were in a store & i mentioned how i'm looking for new centerpieces in my kitchen.  all the sudden she starts picking up baskets & vases & botanicals & she's put together a gorgeous display in no time.  yea, she's that good.  take a look!  this is her play room (my favorite room in her house).  this room was completely custom done by her; every frame matte, notebook, painted decor, coaster, basket liner, painted wall, and piece of vinyl was handmade by this lovely lady.  

(oh, & if i'm ever blessed with a daughter she will be designing my baby girl's room just like her own).


  1. Wow, thats amazing. Now I know what you were talking about all those times you mentioned your sisters skills! Thats inspiring.