Wednesday, June 15, 2011

farewell utah

after 6.5 weeks in utah we are very glad to be back in our home.  cooper especially.  the first thing he said when we stepped inside was, "t.j., you want to go in my room & place with my toys with me?!"  despite our joyous reunion with our residence we will miss the beautiful utah.  what will we miss most?

1.  the becks:  kamden, rylie, alyssa (dragon), scott, and maddie.  they are the best cousins/auntie/uncle anyone could ask for.
2.  the rest of our fabulous friends & family.  especially, grandma great.
3.  the wide variety of delish restaurants (mainly, pei wei, jason's deli, j dawgs, smart cookie, & smash burger).
4.  the amazing selection of crafty stores.  if only, we had a hobby lobby in nor cal.
5.  the view of snow covered mountains on a warm sunny day.

(the #1 thing we will not miss:  endless road construction)

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