Saturday, April 2, 2011

van coop

cooper has really taken an interest in drawing lately.  and i must say, he is rather talented.  he has a notebook that he colors in.  this notebook goes everywhere with us.  he usually draws an octopus & giant squid fighting (the giant squid always wins) or a map.  see for yourself...

left:  a picture cooper made for me (hence the pink & purple, "mommy's favorite colors").  it is a bit hard to see but the big circle is a giant squid with a lot of tentacles.  at the bottom is an octopus, which the giant squid is eating.  
right:  a map of our area.  the light green is grass, the dark green are trees.  the brown zig-zags are mountains.  the black lines are roads.  the blue circle is the lake.  and the brown on the edge of the paper is the adventure.  

yes, this little wild man is becoming quite the arteest.

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