Wednesday, April 6, 2011


i am now a part of a cooking blog.  (i know, me, the same girl who couldn't fry an egg 2 years ago.)  now, i'm not claiming to be the most amazing cheif, but i'm not too shabby either.  i've made an intentional effort to better my skills in the kitchen & it has really paid off.

the blog is just cook already.  they have a delicious assortment of practical recipes (i've been a fan of this site for 18 months now).  so check it out & follow j.c.a. to expand your recipe box & keep up on my cooking endeavors. 

p.s. my first post was our family's fav pork chops & mashed taters.  we made this meal for the missionaries last night.  we served it with a side of sourdough bread & peach cobbler for dessert.

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  1. how exciting, i could defiantly use a boost in the kitchen department...i always seem to cook the same meals over and over again.