Sunday, March 20, 2011

throw back

if you know me then you know that i have a love for all things vintage.  and i have an even deeper love for any thing that has sentimental value.  so imagine my sheer joy when my mom unveiled a box of mine & my sisters' old belongings.  there were some rather horrid items & some pure treasures.  there were items that true vintage fashionistas like bluebirdvintage would have fainted over.  unfortunately, as the mother of two young boys there weren't very many items that i could hand down.  i uncovered one semi-gender neutral outfit (ok, maybe it is a tad too feminine to be worn in public), a blanket, and two rattles (t.j. loves both toys).

as the youngest of 4 sisters i was often adorned with hand-me-downs so i can truly testify of the practicality of reusing items from kid-to-kid & generation-to-generation.  shouldn't that be a higher priority in our material obsessed society?  reduce, reuse, recylce.  (ok, so maybe i am a bit hypocritical in this statement.  but i truly do try.  it's not my fault if manufacturers are constantly making more adorable & practical items that i just must own.)

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  1. LOVE that outfit on him! He has to wear it again for me to see!