Sunday, March 6, 2011

ms. forgetful

it's true.  i am ms. forgetful.  i do not enjoy it.  it makes life hard.  but i am learning to cope with it.  it all began way back in january of 2008.  prior to this date i was the memory queen.  i remembered every thing i did, every thing i said, everything.  after a rather unfortunate car accident i am left feeling like a demented elderly woman.  no fun.  i forget everything now.  (my memory prior to the accident is still fully intact so i have no problems remembering events before 2008).  i journey upstairs to get something & by the time i'm up there i have no clue what that something is.  i forget full conversations with people.  i lose just about everything (i am currently on the hunt for my favorite fluffy socks.  how does one lose fluffy socks?!)  i'll be frank, it is rather frustrating.  but the hardest part, i forget things that cooper says & does.  it breaks my heart (hence, why i blog.  records=memories).  the accident happened when he was only 5 months old & my memories of the next year of his life are practically non-existent.  cooper's first steps, first birthday, first word are all events that i have no recollection of.  it's also hard when todd talks to me about something we chatted about earlier & i have no recollection of our conversation.  i hate it. 

i just wanted to expain my condition to all those that i have intentionally offended.  i didn't mean to forget our conversation or your birthday or to call you back.  it was my silly brain's fault.

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