Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3 months. already.

where has the time gone?  my precious little prince charming is 3 months old.  goodness gracious.  can you believe that at 2.5 months t.j. weighed the same that cooper did at 5 months.  hence, his nickname, t.j. the "tank".  (but don't jump to any conclusions about his future size because his growth does track nearly identical to his daddy's).

at his tender age of 3 months t.j. is ticklish.  he loves laughing & we love tickling his chubby little legs & his big ol' belly.  (that strange choking sound is his baby laugh.  isn't it lovely!)


  1. He is adorable! Your entire little family is adorable. I am loving your blog right now.

    Oh, and we live in the UTC/La Jolla area. Right near the temple. Where is Todd from?? When are you coming BACK???

  2. Sarah! We can't wait to get started! Kevin is traveling with the baseball team and will be back Sunday but I'd love to get some info from you so I can start working now!

    Will you e-mail me at I'll send you some questions that you and Todd can go over and send back.

    Can't wait!

    Whitney @match interiors