Thursday, February 10, 2011


thursday nights are mommy nights.  every other night of the week todd & i work out together & snuggle up for a show (after we put the boys to bed, of course).  but not on thursdays.  on thursdays todd plays church ball & mommy gets to watch her favorite shows!  what a coincidence that most of my favorite shows come on the same night that todd is gone.  it must be fate.  i've never been much of a tv watcher.  i prefer to be doing things rather than watching things.  but breastfeeding keeps me on the couch for quite a few hours a day.  all this quality t.j./t.v. time has renewed my love for sitcoms.  (and might i add, that i cannot stand reality t.v.  i think that it breeds unhealthy people & honestly, it is rather boring.  why waste my time watching others live their lives when i could be living my own?)  here are my faves:

{i do still miss my all time favorite, lost.}

are there any other wonderful shows out there that i am missing?

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  1. modern family, and 30 rock are my fave. if you're more in the mood for trashy drama the real housewives series are very entertaining!