Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the fabulous cooper


man, oh man.  my little cooper sure knows how to keep his mommy on her toes.  this little guy has so much creativity, humor, & wit that it amazes me.  he is always making up fun stories & adorable songs that make me smile.  in fact, not a day goes by that he doesn't make my giggle over & over again.  he is such a wonderful big brother, too.  t.j. really does have a lot to look up to.

feeding ducks
1.  cooper & i were playing hungry hungry hippos.  my hippo was malfunctioning & i was trying to burp t.j. while i was playing so needless to say, i didn't do very well.  in fact, i ended up with no balls.  at the end of the game cooper said, "mommy, how many did you get?"  when i told him my end result he took a few of his balls & put them in my slot.  he said, "here you go mommy.  look you got some!"  he truly is such a gent.

2.  cooper & i went for a walk.  he wanted to go on an adventure through a ravine by our house.  unfortunately, i was wearing my brand new white running shoes & did not feel like tromping through the mud.  he said, "if you go down there, i will marry you."  done!  those words could get me to do darn near anything.

fishing with daddy
3.  anytime he wants something it's, "here's the deal...".  or if we suggest something he doesn't much care for it's ,"that's not a deal."

4.  whenever he comes up with something clever it's, "here's a great idea..." & when he doesn't like our plan it's, "that's not a great idea."

beach bum
5.  he gets so super excited every time he sees t.j.  he always says, "he's the cutest baby in the whole wide world!"

6.  talking to his nana he laughed to himself & said, "haha, that's funny.  you name is nana but you don't look like a nana (banana)."

7.  the other day cooper was in the tub.  i was nursing t.j. & i told cooper that i would put t.j. in the tub with him as soon as he was done eating.  cooper kept asking, "is baby brother ready, yet?" & i kept saying no.  finally he yelled, "if somebody has a baby they need to put him in the tub right now!"

mr. dare devil
8.  on our way to church he said, "mommy, i packed you a lunch! it's you favorite!  boogers!"

9.  cooper's story:  "i went to the place & there was nothing there.  it was all gone.  my pet super croc came & let me pet him.  he took me to my new home & there was mommy, & daddy, & baby brother.  and we were all together & happy."

optimus prime
10.  my personal fave:  "mommy, you the nicest mommy in ever.  and what's that other thing...?  that thing you say to me when you drop me off to school...?  what's that word?"  me, "best friend?"  cooper, "yea, that's right!  you my best friend!"


  1. Aww, I love that guy too! He has so much personality and just about the sweetest kid ever!

  2. so freaking cute! what a little stud!