Tuesday, December 21, 2010


is it possible to be addicted to a person?  if so, then I am addicted to these two.
i could sit & watch these boys all day.  oh that's right, i do.  
everything they do amuses me.

i still love to just sit & watch everything that cooper does.  he loves to perform tricks for me.  he still lights up every time I cheer for him.  and he constantly has the sweetest & most comical things to say.  last night i told him "i love you, buddy" as i helped him out of the car.  he said "i love you, mommy".   then he said, "i never want to lose you."  my heart melted right there on the spot. 

cooper has had a grip on my heart for a while but now t.j.'s little fist holds on to me just as tightly.  today, t.j. & i listened to taylor swift & i was captivated by him while he was captivated by the lights in our living room.  it was magical.  i love to see all the precious little faces he makes.  and the sweet sound of his voice truly melts my heart.

it is unbelievable how my little body can hold so much love for both cooper & t.j.  sometimes i really do feel like i could explode.  i thank heavenly father everyday for blessing me with such an amazing family.  todd, cooper, & t.j. really are the best blessings i have every received.  they are everything that i could ever dream of & oh, so much more.

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