Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas (2010)

this Christmas definitely did not go as planned...

three days before Christmas t.j. was diagnosed with bronchialitis & admitted to the hospital.  there went all our Christmas plans.  but despite the stress & the unexpected turn of events, it turned out to be a very unusual yet, wonderful holiday.  

my parents came down Christmas eve to help out with the hospital shifts.  my dad stayed with t.j. at the hospital for a little bit so that todd & i could do a little something for cooper on Christmas eve.  we went to a fancy dinner at wendy's (hey, there wasn't much of a selection on the night before Christmas).  then we went to an adorable neighborhood near the hospital that was completely decked out in Christmas lights.  afterwards, we all came back to the hospital so cooper & t.j. could open a present & we could spend a little quality time together as a family.  

on Christmas morning my dad went back to the hospital bright & early to watch t.j. so todd & i could enjoy the morning opening presents with cooper.  (i am so tremendously grateful that my children have such a wonderful & selfless papa!)  cooper loved opening presents so much that he opened not only his presents but everyone else's.  he was so excited to see the new playhouse that santa dropped off.  he loved all of his gifts but his most favorite was devastator (a transformer he has been asking for for months).  after all the gifts were opened & played with we went back to the hospital to spend some time celebrating with t.j.  cooper helped t.j. open his presents & his stocking.  he misses his brother so much & he gets so excited to see his "cute son" at the hospital.  that evening cooper & i went to my sister's house to have dinner & celebrate a little more with all of his cousins.  cooper had the time of his life playing with the kids.  everyone missed t.j. & todd.  i cannot wait until we can have a more traditional Christmas with our whole family together (outside of a hospital) next year!


merry Christmas!

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  1. We're so glad T.J. is doing better, the sweet little guy. And I completely agree that we are very blessed to have such a selfless dad. The same day he gave up Christmas morning to go to the hospital, he gave up Christmas night with the family to drive 1.5 hours, take my Christmas tree out of my house because we found out I'm allergic to it, and clean the whole area up so I can safely re-enter my home. He's amazing.