Monday, November 1, 2010

mommy's little helper

i know that every mommy thinks their child is perfect.  but really, my son is perfect.
do you want to know how i know?  because he loves helping his mommy!  he doesn't just help but he looks forward to helping & he will drop whatever he is doing to come help me.
how coop helps:
1.  cleans the bathroom (& does a mighty good job)
2.  holds the dustpan for me when i sweep
3.  unloads all the silverware & dishes on the bottom of the dishwasher
4.  pulls weeds
5.  wipes the walls
6.  helps daddy wash the cars
7. cleans up his toys & puts his dirty clothes away 

but coop doesn't just help around the house.  he also: 
1.  checks on his baby brother everyday, he talks to my tummy & gives it a kiss & asks if brother is okay.  
2.  asks me if i'm okay every time that i blow my nose (which has been a lot since i've been prego).  
3.  every time i cough (i have a cold right now) he gets me a glass of water & tells me to drink it to make me feel better.  seriously, the other day we were playing outside & i coughed.  cooper ran stopped playing, ran inside, & got me some water.  how thoughtful is he?!
4.  makes sure mommy is always invited & included in his games with daddy.  he always shares his toys with me.
5.  tells me all the time how pretty i am & how nice i am.  he threatens to fight anyone who calls my tummy fat (aunt alyssa). 

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