Wednesday, October 27, 2010

all alone

lately, i've been lonely a lot.  why?  because my boys have decided that they are bestest buds.   they love doing activities that are not prego-lady-friendly so i am automatically excluded.  yesterday they went on a 3 mile bike ride & stopped by the library while i worked on projects around the house.  monday they played soccer & jumped on the trampoline for 2 hours while i cleaned the bathrooms.  is it just me, or do i have the rough-end of the stick?  today i went to get my hair done & they snuck off to the pumpkin patch (they did bring me home some beautiful orange flowers.  orange because that is cooper's favorite color).

after they came home from their bike ride cooper asked todd to play blocks with him but todd had to check his stocks.  yay, for mommy!  blocks are right up my prego-alley!  finally, an opportunity for me to get some q.t. with my buddy.  unfortunately, cooper didn't feel the same way.  his response to my eagerness, "no thank you, mommy.  i just want to play with daddy."  those 11 words broke my heart.  seriously, i cried (maybe just prego-lady hormones?).  i cannot wait for this new little baby to pop out in 6 weeks so we can all play together. 

**at least i still have a special spot in coopy's little heart.  he told me, "mommy, i just going to marry you."  i asked him why he wanted to marry me.  he said, "because, you are mine."  he couldn't be more right.  i am his & always will be.  (of course, he will have to share me in a few weeks.  but i don't think he will mind.  he is very very eager for his baby brother to arrive.)

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