Sunday, September 26, 2010

super jesus

  sometimes when cooper is afraid of monsters coming in his room at night or mean guys trying to get us i remind him that Jesus protects us & our home.  i tell him that Jesus is stronger than the monsters & he won't let them bother us.  i want him to help him feel safe & confident in Jesus' power.   i guess i didn't explain Jesus quite right.  

on our way home from church today cooper was asking me about Jesus.  he said, "mommy, does Jesus had fire?"  i asked him to clarify.  he said, "jesus had fire to shoot at the bad guys & kill them."  ummmm, ok...not exactly.  then cooper asks me, "does Jesus fly in the sky?"  apparently, he sees Jesus as more of an action figure than a Heavenly being.  
Jesus to the rescue!

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