Friday, April 24, 2015

kahului warriors #2 & #3.

this rugby season was a very unique time for the watkins team. we had not one, but two rugby players on the same team. it was possibly the only time that tj & cooper will ever be teammates. seeing these two team up was probably the highlight of my life.

they play well together all the time but even more so when it comes to sports. tj loves to block & tackle, & cooper loves to run & score. they make the perfect pair. tj was a little hesitant the first few practices & games (ok, he was a little hesitant almost the entire season) but having his big brother by his side was all the comfort he needed. there were so many times when cooper walked tj on to the field holding tj's hand or wrapping his arm around his little brother's back. cooper is a great leader & a great example. and tj was more than eager to follow suit.

cooper's speed gave him a one up on the field. he  scored more trys than i can count & not many could get past his defense. often times, tj was the youngest & smallest on the field but he didn't let that stop him. there were plenty of times where he pulled flags, handled the ball, & he scored twice. they both love rugby, love their coaches, & especially love their team. they've come to know their teammates well over the past two years, they play so well together on & off the field. i can't say enough good about the maui rugby organization. we look forward to next season when mylo joins his brothers on the field.

(this post was requested by cooper. he loves to read "the watkins team" & gets on the blog at least once a week. they all love to look at old pictures & read the little blurbs i type. it makes my efforts on this blog all so worth it. coop came to me on monday & asked that i post something about rugby, & his wishes are my commands.)

if you want to check out the warriors live you can check out some of coach tim's videos:

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