Saturday, December 13, 2014

watkins 2014.

every year we take family photos. some years we have a photographer. some years we don't. this year i couldn't get todd to agree to a pre-specified time & date for the photos so it became a last minute, do-it-ourselves thing. basically, one sunday afternoon i asked, "when are we going to take our pictures?" todd said, "how about now?" & thirty minutes later we were pulling up to the maui tropical plantation ready to go. thanks to our rebel, tripod, & my very basic photoshop skills we were able to pull off these treasures. 10 points to anyone who can figure out which picture ti's head was edited in to the frame. the location was perfect. just a few miles from our hale & the kids were in heaven feeding the ducks while todd went through a lot of trial & error on the camera settings. this place has a special spot in our hearts. since it's nearby we often stop by for fresh fruits, they are my go to for papaya & mango. we also love to wonder the grounds, feeding ducks, & checking out what's growing. this is also where the little boys & i were for playgroup when a random photographer started taking pictures & asking questions, & one week later our photo showed up on the front page of the maui news. also, this is the home of the infamous "mean duck," mighty my's archenemy. 

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