Sunday, August 10, 2014

ward camp 2014

i'm pretty sure that the 3 days we spent at ward camp were the highlight of my boys summer break. there is something special at ward camp that really can't be summed up adequately in words. the ohana feeling is strong, the grindz are ono, & everything is real chill. since we live a pretty fast paced life i think we all appreciate the break we get at ward camp. boys love being surrounded by some of their most favorite friends while at the beach 24/7. and sleeping in tents, the boys love sleeping in tents, especially when mommy invites their friends in for sleepovers. we chill by in the grassy areas surrounded by so many of our wardmates just playing horse shoes or washer toss, or we explore the trees & cliffs, or we play at the beach & in the water. i love that i don't have to cook & we are just down the road from home so i can take the babies back for naps (& real showers). i love that i get to know our ward members better & meet some people for the first time (i spend most of church in nursery with mylo or subbing in primary so there are a lot of people i miss.) the boys truly play all day every day & i just sit back & supervise (it actually reminds me a lot of my lifeguarding days-i often find myself counting heads.) we really are so blessed to be part of the wailuku ward ohana. 

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