Tuesday, June 24, 2014

a mighty mylo party

given mylo's super hero obsession & his most common nickname it seemed like a no brainer that his birthday party would be themed mighty mylo. wanna know my favorite super hero characteristics of mr. mighty? 1. his second persona he takes on each time a costume of any sort is put on his little body. he goes from a chill little guy to a confident, strong, kind of domineering super hero instantly. 2. his super hero story lines. oh his super heros don't just fight, his stories have actual plots. and they are rather entertaining. 3. his sound effects. they are dead accurate & pure genius. this kid is a total kick to hang out with. 4. the deep raspy baby voice he gets when he becomes a super hero.

mighty was ecstatic to discover his party. for as observent as he is, mylo seemed to miss all the party planning talk, shopping, & crafting. so he was caught a little off gaurd when he woke up to our morning celebrations but he was totally shocked & absolutely stoked when he arrived at his party (todd took the morning off so he could hang out with mylo while cooper, tj, & i set up the party). all of mylo's most favorite friends showed up. these are the kids he plays with at least twice a week. they are really more like family than friends, we call them our maui cousins. honestly, these people are amazing. as soon as they show up the oms start lending helping hands & they don't stop searching for ways to serve until the party is cleaned up & we are on our way home. we are so blessed to have these amazing people in our lives.

this was the first party i've ever thrown that involved actual party games. normally there's some sort of major activity to participate in but this time i wasn't really feeling it so i stuck with the easy stuff. we pinned the mask on the mylo, bowled for buildings, searched for super heroes & demolished a piñata (my first ever homemade piñata, might i add. i was so worried about it falling apart pre-party that it turned out to be indestructable by toddler standards. but with the help of todd & his pocket knife we were able to get the job done.) mylo wasn't much in to the games. he spent most of the time going down this super speedy slide. he did love the piñata & the buildings are his favorite new toy. he loves to knock them down or use them as houses for his duplo figures.

i made super hero masks & capes for each kid. this was a major hit. i think i could have skipped games all together & just let them run around in their costumes & they would have been good. my super talented friend, suzy, painted & personalized these absolutely adorable peg dolls specific for each kid. i was amazed with the detail she put in to each. it was obvious which doll belonged to which person at very first glance. my favorite was mylo's curly hair. it is spot on. he is obsessed with his new "batman" as he calls them & insists on taking them everywhere. (random fact: when todd & i got married we had personalized peg dolls painted to represent us. they are one of my favorite details from our wedding & now i am super stoked to have my whole peg family.)

i decided to go with picnic food because, well, it's easy & i'm lazy. there were lunch boxes for the kids with sandwhiches, chips, string cheese, juice boxes, & fruit snacks for the kids. for the adults there were sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, & lemonade. and, of course, sprinkle cupcakes for all to enjoy. like i said, easy. 

mylo loved having a day to be celebrated & make all the choices (that's how watkins' birthdays go). but i definitely think his party (& his new pool grandma & papa gave him) was the highlight. he talks about his party ever day. he talks about who came & the games they played then he insists on putting on his costume. he truly is the mightiest mylo i know & i am so grateful for the opportunity we had to make his special day a little more special. we love you so, mighty mylo!

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  1. this is so great, sara! looks fun and yum. hearing that mylo loved it so makes it all worth it ya. those boys are sure blessed to have you as a mama. and not just because you made a cool party ;)