Tuesday, April 1, 2014

maui warriors

we totally missed the deadline for little league this year. i mean, really, who is thinking about baseball in the middle of december? after researching all of our options i opted to sign cooper up for rugby. and it turned out to be the best decision i've made all year. he is a total natural, the coach works so well with him, the kids are just awesome, and he loves it. i knew we made the right choice when he first walked onto the field and right away the other kids came up and took him into their fold. it was such a relief to see my shy boy making friends so quickly. coop loves the outlet to really show off his speed and he's pretty determined on defense. at his first game he scored twice & stopped every kid that came his way. at his second game he had an incredible play, he got the ball at one end of the field & ran it 60 yards for a try (score). no one could catch him. i absolutely love watching him so eager & excited to play. the whole experience has been challenging & rewarding not just athletically but mentally & socially, too. i'd say it's a win/win/win. the league held a luau fundraiser a few weeks ago. it was legit. the food & performances were totally on par with the big luaus on island. coop did the haka with the rest of the boys his age. it was the just about the cutest thing i've ever seen. typically, he plays other maui teams but every few months they compete against oahu teams.

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