Sunday, February 16, 2014


meet, godzilla watkins. our first, semi-legit (aka non-fish) pet. isn't he rad? he was wondering around todd's campus when a coworker stumbled across him. todd quickly laid claim & dubbed this handsome little devil a member of our team. he spent the rest of the day wondering around todd's office. those two definitely formed a bond in those few hours that cannot be replaced. weeks later zilla still prefers todd to the rest of us. the boys were super stoked when daddy surprised them with their very own jackson chameleon. i mean, really, who wouldn't be excited about this little guy?! zilla was a little fussy the first week or so. he wasn't a huge fan of the whole cage thing. in fact he rammed the door a few times attempting to escape. he refused to eat anything but rolly-pollies, which aren't exactly easy to come by. but after warming up he is now happy to munch on any critter we offer. he does insist on alive bugs. so every day when we walk to school, or around the neighborhood, or visit the park we catch bugs to bring home to zilla. 

the boys love feeding him. it is awesome. he has this craaaaazy long tongue. so you hold the bug a few inches out. after he notices it he shoots his tongue & grabs the bug. the whole process takes about .5 seconds. it's crazy. the bug is there & the next instant it's gone. 

we are all big zilla fans. well, everyone but mylo. mylo has been known to bully godzilla from time to time. lucky for him, he has two other big brothers that quickly come to the rescue. of all our pets (godzilla the jackson chameleon & our fish, spike, rocky, flash, swimmer 1, & swimmer 2) he is definitely our fave. one day, our boys will get a dog & find out what a real pet is like. 

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