Monday, December 2, 2013

t turns 3

i usually start off birthday posts by mentioning how unbelievably fast my child has grown & how i really can't believe another year has passed. that just isn't the case here. tj is mature beyond his years & has been acting like a 3 year old for quite some time. maybe it's the result of having a big brother, maybe it's because most of his friends are 3+, maybe it's just because he's brilliant & amazingly unique (i prefer to believe the latter).

tj is remarkably smart. or maybe, wise is a more appropriate term. he is aware, & intuitive, & he just gets things. like that the reason mylo is crying is because he can't reach his toy or that cooper got his feelings hurt because mommy brushed him off while making dinner or how mommy is short on patience because her sons have been extra wild. and he always responds accordingly. he'll ask mommy to get mylo the toy, he'll ask cooper to play with him, & he'll tell mommy a funny joke & give her a big hug. he has a big heart & he isn't afraid to use it. he always makes sure that everyone is included. he is patient & thoughtful towards his brothers. he is cooper's biggest fan & mylo's biggest protecter. he loves his brothers fully. we try to give him individual time with either todd or i but the truth is, he doesn't like it. he would much rather be with his brothers than without, even when ice cream is involved. the kid is really a saving grace in our family. and his sense of humor is unreal. tj is hilarious. he comes up with the most witty responses & has perfect comedic timing. there are so many times when todd & i are burst with laughter at the unexpected things that come out of his mouth. tj's food preferences definitely take after his swiss side. he loves his chocolate. he could eat it day & night. he instists on chocolate milk breakfast, lunch, & dinner. and don't even get me started on his requests for cookies, cake, & the like. it's often, "mommy, you yook so pwetty today. i yike you hair. can i had a cookie? i say nice wowds. can i had a cookie, now?" the little booger knows how to get what he wants. he was potty trained at 23 months. the kid has the best blatter control of any toddler i've ever met. he can hold it forever. seriously. he has never had an accident. he refers to going potty as "making a waterfall". tj has incredible athleticism. but he is not a performer. he only shows his talent & speed at his personal convenience. never, ever when requested. same with showing off his intelligence. he knows so much but you have to trick him to draw it out. he will never count in order. he plays games & mixes up all his numbers. but if you trick him into counting & pretend like you aren't listening he will count to 20 no problem! same goes for colors & shapes. the kid is humbly brilliant. he is a little shy & when the hesitation to speak arises he resorts to growling. yes, he would rather growl at someone than speak to them. he calls it being a tiger. he's not big into tv. he loves super heros. captain america & superman most of all. he is convinced that by putting on a muscle suit or a cape he grows super natural powers. he insists on wearing either superman or batman pajamas every night & when he does he refers to himself as the super hero in the third person. he'll say "superman is thirsty." etc. unfortnately, he is a little confused about the role of a super hero & often uses his powers to dominate those around him by physical force. he favorite word is condanganut. he made it up himself. it can mean anything. it can be a feeling, a noun, a verb, but it is always something positive. he loves picking his mama flowers. he never wants to cut his hair. he is wild & spontaneous & loving & thoughtful & strong & everything i could ever hope for. we are so very grateful for the all that he is & all that he brings to our family.  we love him with all our hearts! i hope he has the 3rd birthday of his dreams. so far, he has planned sprinkle pancakes for breakfast, his birthday party, chicken nuggets for lunch, a trip to his favorite park, & frozen yogurt.

tj's 3 year interview

what's your name? tee-jhay wakens
what's you full name? todd jhuniors
how old are you? 2. no, 3. no, 16.
what's your favorite color? ba-lue & ba-lack
who is your best friend? coopy & my-my
what do you want to be when you grow up? a twuck man & a supa hewo.
what is your favorite food? shocolate candies, & shicken nuggies, & bwanch (ranch). 
what is your favorite game? tweasure balls (caribou)
where is your favorite place? to shocolate milk. hahaha. to condanganut. hahaha. 
what makes you happy? mommy, daddy, coopy, & my-my
what makes you sad? nutting makes me sad. evewy ting makes me happy. 
what is your favorite movie? thomas da twain
mommy/s favorite tj quotes of late: "mommy! somesing bited a hole in my body boawd! pwobly it was a shawk. o pwobly it was a centipede." "mommy, dat's so nice of you to shawe wits me." 

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  1. This is my boy! Special bond between us and I get to see him in only 6 weeks. Grandma