Friday, December 20, 2013

family fotos 2013

sometimes i wonder why i still blog. i mean, really, who has the time? not me. yet, somehow i manage to squeeze blogging in to the few free seconds i manage to find. these are pictures from our latest family photo session with the amazing, & oh so talented, ian nitta. we wanted these pictures to have meaning beyond their beauty. and ian certainly captured that. we went to one of our favorite  family beaches. just looking at this spot brings my heart so much joy. we have so many happy memories of sunday afternoons swimming, exploring, & playing on this strip of sand. and you notice those mountains in the background, see the one on the left, that's where we live. the highest row of houses furthest to the right, that's us. in fact, we look out on this this water from our lanai. and do you spy that little town at the base of the mountain, that's our little town. lastly, did you catch on to the fact that mylo is being held through most the shoot. that's because we took these pictures 4 days after his cast came off & he wasn't back on his feet. so you see, that's why i blog. so i can jot down a few memories to go with our pictures. so i can remember the things i never want to forget. also, making an anual family photo book is a high priority on my to do list & blogging makes the task a little less strenuous.

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  1. Your pictures are always sooo gorgeous. You've inspired me to do a yearly photo yearbook of my children and I.

    Thank you for sharing pieces of your world with us!
    *faithful reader....Natasha Dodson*