Thursday, March 21, 2013

9 months

mighty man, mr. mylo is 9 whole months old. and still has no teeth. can you believe!? we adore his sweet little gummy smile & cherrish every single toothless day. his little blond hair is starting to grow & cover his big beautiful head. he is a crawling fool. he loves getting around on his own. he heads straight for the water every time we go to the beach. he still won't touch baby food. and lately he hasn't had much of an appetite for table food (maybe he has teeth on the way!). he has been sleeping terribly (again, i hope it's due to some teething). he is as stubborn as they come. if he wants to scream & throw a fit he will pull his paci & chuck it to the floor & let it wail. he knows exactly what he wants & wont settle on anything else. if he wants to nurse he will scream & shout & nothing will pacify him & no matter what time of the night it is he will not tire or give up. as hard as it is now, i'm grateful because it will make him a strong man later in life. luckily, these moods are rare. for the most part, mylo is a sweet chill little man. a little man who filled our hearts 9 months ago today.

mylo enjoyin his onolicious grub
my heart breaks to report that poor little maestro experienced a second degree burn this month. all at the hand of my carelessness. i was getting ready for church & stepped into my closet to get dressed (i wasn't used to having a little crawler since he just started moving independently two days prior). and in crept mylo. he pulled on the cord to my straightening wand & it landed smack on his sweet little wrist. the poor boo has been so brave & strong through it all. he cried for a minute & that was it. through all the gauze & creams he hasn't fussed once. and now it is almost completely healed. we really are so lucky to have this sweet little one in our lives.

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  1. COuld you have more beautiful children??!?!?!?! I think not! Praise Jesus for your amazing little family :) Truly beautiful and I love how well you love your children-you are so fun :)
    Love, Anna