Monday, December 3, 2012

tj's party

at the tender age of 2 tj planned his very own birthday party. i asked him if he wanted a party. to which i received a very eager, "YES!". i then asked him what he wanted at his party & he explained that he wanted cars, cookies, cake, & candy. lastly, i asked him where he wanted his party. he told me he wanted his party at the park. and that is more or less exactly what happened. i am proud to say i put on this whole little fiesta solo. todd had to work so with the help of my eldest we put on this last minute party for our favorite little 2 year old. feast your eyes on tj's woody wagon party.

*this was the first party for one of my boys that wasn't completely dominated by cousins. we missed our jones crew like crazy today. cade, kam, katie, ry, jillie, ellie, maddie, james, edie, & jakey we love you all so much & can't wait to see you this summer.

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