Wednesday, December 19, 2012

6 months

the day has arrived. my baby is now closer to 1 year than birth. it makes me a little sad to think that my days of raising a newborn are over. mighty is anything but a newborn. in fact, he is now outgrowing his 6-12 month clothing & fitting snuggly into his 12-18 apparel. mighty is now sitting sturdily. 10 days shy of his 6th month he just decided out of the blue that he wanted to sit. and sit he did. he loves his new angle. he sits & watches his brothers & giggles all day. it is my favorite. he does not like to be fed. don't get me wrong, the kid loves to eat. he just doesn't like to be fed. i've tried rice cereal & green beans & he just spits it out. (can you blame him?) but he loves eating his mum-mums that he can serve himself. his eyes are mostly brown but they do have a slight green tint. and that fills my heart with joy. he loves people. anytime anyone looks his direction he lights up. he is a little spoiled. being my last little baby i don't mind spending a little extra time by his side. he is snuggled to sleep almost everynight. he has amazing hand control. he snatches anything that comes within arms length. and his grip is firm. i literally have to pry each of his little chubby fingers out of my hair at least 20 times a day. and each time a do i just think how blessed i am to have him in my life. mylo, we love you.