Saturday, September 8, 2012

hawaii: waianapapa beach & 'ohe'o gulch

we did the road to hana last week. it was amazing (well, the parts i didn't sleep through). it's unreal how many different climates there are on this island. in our trek around haleakala we passed through dessert, rainforest, tropical wetlands, tropical drylands & grasslands. we took the back road from kula to hana. it was breathtaking & terrifying all at the same time. the locals drive ridiculously fast on the one lane road with countless blind turns & sheer cliffs into the ocean. i was very releaved to arrive in one piece. 
'ohe'o gulch (7 sacred pools) was absolutley gorgeous. the boys had no problem hiking to the lower falls. tj & coop went in the pools with todd while i fed mylo on the sidelines. the view of the ocean was unmatched. we were sad we could't make the hike to waimoku falls. that will have to wait until we have babysitters in town (hint, hint grandma & papa)
my favorite part of the trip was waianapapa beach (black sand beach). in fact, that is my favorite thing i've seen in all of maui. it was spectacular. this time todd kept mylo company while the boys & i played in the water. i was in awe of the water rolling over the black sand. the waves were a bit rough so i kept a firm hand on each boy. if you haven't than you have to visit this spot. 
we finished the trip with a stop at hana paradise farm stands. reports claimed they have the best banana bread in the world. i would have to say their bread was delicious but not the best. todd thought it was unmatched. so i guess this is up to the taster. we completed our treck around haleakala by taking the hana highway home. unfotunately, i slept through most of the drive but from what i saw it was gorgeous.

(yes, this is maui)

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  1. Wait you're kidding right? You have out of control eating and need to try something new with your diet? Mmmmk I think not Sara! If I looked like you I would continue what you're doing you lucky woman!!! You look incredible!