Wednesday, July 18, 2012

my dream coming true...

we are embarking on another adventure.

(thanks q.a. designs for the lovely printable)

those who know us know that my husband is rather unpredictable & spontaneous. he's always wanted to live in a foreign country for a few years but i'm not so comfortable with the idea. so this was our compromise. when he applied to a job in maui i was not surprised. however, even i was shocked when he decided to take it (and overwhelmingly excited). hawaii is probably my favorite place on earth, definitely my favorite place i've ever visited. we will definitely miss our loved ones on the mainland but, i have a feeling my boys are going to be welcomed as locals as soon as we step off the plane. 


  1. just out of curiosity, what line of work is he in? We would LOVE to live in Maui, even if for a little while, but it is so expensive and not sure about employment options.

    1. My husband used to play in the NFL & retired in 2012. Now he is working at the Job Corps here on Maui. There really are limited employment options which will probably be the eventual reason we leave. For now we are happy to make to take a pay cut & face the high living costs to enjoy the island. But eventually my husband's natural ambition will drive us somewhere with more options. Probably Oahu. Job Corps is hiring right now if your interested! My husband loves where he works! Plus, there are ways to cut back on the high living costs. We spend less on eating out, shopping, etc., so when you combine that with the higher grocery & gas bills it kind of evens out to be the same monthly spending I had on the mainland.

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