Wednesday, April 25, 2012

beaming bump.

32 weeks: it finally hits.

right around easter & my thirty week mark the pregnancy symptoms finally kicked in. not too bad, right? just a little heart burn & lightheadedness. nothing to complain about & still so mild in comparison to most. my body is asking me to slow down but my boys are demanding that i continue to go, go, go! this little one really knows how to move. and boy is he active. his thrusts are so forceful that they actually make me nauseous. that's something i've never experienced before. i realized this past week that it's about time i start prepping for this little man's arrival. there isn't much to do since he is our 3rd boy & i've decided not to redecorate the nursery. i have just a few odds & ends to pick up & we are good to go. this month i have been craving barbeque.

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